Degree Requirements


LMC Core

Students acquire a grounding in LMC by completing the following nine credit hours:

  • LMC 2000 Introduction to Literature, Media, and Communication
  • LMC 2050 LMC Seminar, LMC 2060 Intro to Literary Studies, or LMC 2400 Intro to Media Studies
  • LMC 4000 or 4500 Senior Seminar. Students preparing for graduate school may wish to propose a thesis in lieu of a capstone course (LMC 4102).

Students will also select two LMC electives (from any thread) to complete the major requirements. These are in addition to the free electives space.


Students must choose two threads of study to focus in. There are six threads to select from: Literature, Media, Communication, Design, Social Justice, and Science, Technology, and Culture (STAC). Students will take 21 credits (7 classes) in each thread.

Thread A: 21 hours in ONE of the following: Literature; Media; Communication; Design; Social Justice; Science, Technology and Culture (STAC)

Thread B: 21 hours in ONE of the following: Literature; Media; Communication; Design; Social Justice; Science, Technology and Culture (STAC)

Learn more about the threads and how you can customize them.

Georgia Tech Rules

9 credits maximum are allowed as Pass/Fail. NO major courses may be taken as Pass/Fail with the exception of LMC 4904: Internship. Students must earn a C or higher in LMC courses to count towards the major requirements.

Georgia Tech Requirements

Georgia Tech Core Required Courses: 57 hours

Wellness (2 hours)

All undergraduate students attending Georgia Tech must satisfactorily complete a wellness requirement (APPH 1040, 1050, or equivalent).

English (6 hours)

Introductory courses ENGL 1101 and 1102

Mathematics (8 hours)

Students must complete a math core sequence, usually two courses in MATH 1711 and 1712 but students may also do an all-Calculus sequence resulting in 3 courses.

Intro to Computing (3 hours)

Students complete either CS 1315, CS 1301, or a computer programming course approved as satisfying the general education requirements in computer literacy.

Humanities (6 hours)

Students must take six credit hours in courses with the humanities attribute.

Lab Science (8 hours)

Students take two of the following eight courses: BIOS 1510, BIOS 1520, CHEM 1211K, CHEM 1212K, CHEM 1310, EAS 1600, EAS 1601, EAS 2600, PHYS 2211 or PHYS 2212.

U.S. History and Institutions (3 hours)

The state of Georgia requires all students to take a course on the government and history of the United States. Any one of the following courses will fulfill this requirement: HIST 2111, HIST 2112, INTA 1200, POL 1101, or PUBP 3000.

Social Science Electives (9 hours)

Students must take six hours of Social Sciences and 3 hours of an International Social Science. A comprehensive list of Social Science electives is available.

Modern Language (3 hours)

Modern language course, 2000 level or higher.

Ethics Elective (3 hours)

Ethics course, 2000 level or higher from the Georgia Tech core curriculum list.

Science or Computing Electives (6 hours)

LMC students are required to take an additional two courses in classes offered by the College of Sciences and/or the College of Computing.

Free Electives (14 hours)

LMC requires that students complete an additional 14 hours of free electives to broaden their education, to complete research projects, internships, and study abroad courses, and to prepare themselves for careers and postgraduate education.

Many students choose to apply free electives towards a minor.