Registration Information

Permit Requests

LMC 3403

LMC 3403 is required for certain majors and major restrictions are enforced.

Business majors must take LMC 3403 with section codes “BA#". 

Computer Science/Computational Media majors must take LMC 3403 with section codes “CS#”

For more information on requesting a permit to register for this class, view LMC 3403 registration details.

LMC 4701 & LMC 4702

LMC 4701 and 4702 are for students pursuing the Research Option. You must sign up for the Research Option through UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) and submit the required forms before you are able to register for 4701 or 4702. LMC 4701 and 4702 require a permit to register.

For more information about how to take these courses, review requirements and procedures.


Most LMC classes will use the waitlist function when a class is full. Joining the waitlist for a class does not equal enrollment. Overloads are not allowed for LMC classes with a waitlist - no exceptions.

How to Join a Waitlist

Major Restrictions

Some LMC classes will be restricted to certain majors. These restrictions will be noted in Oscar course details and semester-specific information can be found at

Non-LMC Classes

Registration assistance for non-LMC classes (i.e. MATH, CS) is handled by each individual department. Your LMC advisor cannot give you a permit/overload for classes without the LMC prefix.

Registration Contacts for Other Departments

Registration FAQs

Does my academic advisor register me for classes?

No. You register for classes via the registration portal in Oscar.

How do I register for an internship?

For paid internships, follow instructions at the Career Center. For unpaid internships, contact Jillann Hertel in the CoLab.

I'm getting a registration error message. What does it mean?

View the list of all registration errors and who to contact for assistance.

I am receiving a Prerequisite & Test Score error message. What are my next steps?

Review the pre-requisites and/or Test Score requirements through Oscar by clicking the CRN for the course. Pre-requisites and Test Score information is listed in the Detailed Class Information.

What are the chances of enrolling in a class if I am waitlisted or if the class is closed?

Unfortunately, your advisor cannot predict if/when seats may come available. Also, we cannot guarantee students will be able to enroll in specific courses. Continue monitoring the classes you are interested in taking and/or the waitlists.

Can I complete LMC 4102 instead of the senior seminar?

You must meet all requirements, find a faculty advisor, and follow the instructions to pursue a senior thesis.