Institute Forms


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Instructions on how to use DocuSign. 

Major Change

To change your major to LMC, you will need to download this form, get the signature of your current Academic Advisor, and email the LMC Academic Advisor, Amanda Blocker to discuss your major change.

To change your major out of LMC, please contact Amanda Blocker.

Docusign Change of Major Form

Minor Change/Declaration

To add a minor in LMC you will need to contact LMC Academic Advisor, Amanda Blocker, as well as your major Academic Advisor to get signatures for the change/declare minor form.

To remove a minor, you will complete the same form. 

Docusign Change of Minor Form

Grade Substitution Form

Complete the Grade Substitution Form after you have retaken the course and received the new grade. Rules and guidelines on grade substitution are available.

Docusign Grade Substitution Form

Petition to the Faculty

A “Petition to the Faculty” form may be completed by a student when asking for an exception to an Institute rule or policy. Some examples of exception requests include:

  • To withdraw from school past the deadline
  • To be readmitted after being placed on DROP status
  • To be granted an individual course substitution

All Petition to the Faculty forms must be completed by the student and signed by all appropriate offices.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding completing the form then you can direct those to your Academic Advisor.

Once the petition is completed, please send the form to your Academic Advisor for signature.

Download the Petition to the Faculty Form


Georgia Tech is one of twenty partnering schools that participate in the ARCHE cross registration program.  Classes are paid through the student’s home institution and the credit taken at a partnering school is transferred back as resident credit. Courses taken at partnering schools cannot be courses offered at Georgia Tech that semester. Also keep in mind that for LMC students, many courses taken outside of Tech would be applied towards free electives. For more information about ARCHE, please contact Georgia Tech’s ARCHE Coordinator.

Online Application to Graduate

As a graduating senior, you must complete the Online Application for Graduation (OAG).

The OAG window is only open during certain times of the year relating to your graduating term. Please consult the Official Calendar on the Registrar’s website.