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In 1890, Georgia Tech’s first two graduates (Henry L. Smith and George G. Crawford) had completed a rigorous curriculum that included English as compulsory in every year of their education. The Board felt that to be on par with lawyers, doctors, and other professionals of the era, engineers required a well-rounded education in which they learned about the world as well as their specialty.

Now, Georgia Tech’s thousands of students can choose from an extended list of literature, media, and communication courses to expand their knowledge about the world. And the most exciting part? That we have our own thriving School with majors and programs which you helped to build. As alumni you are ambassadors to the importance of the arts and humanities to culture, to technology and to human progress. 

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“Even after our time at Georgia Tech, we remain tied to it. As proud LMC alumni, we bring a humanistic perspective to the challenging work we take on by defining problems and developing workable, sustainable, and holistic solutions to create a better world.”


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The CoLab is currently overseeing alumni activities, bringing together LMC alums with current students and faculty, and organizing and developing new outreach initiatives for LMC.

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