Main LMC Office Suite

The LMC Office is located in Skiles 336. Most faculty, staff, and undergraduate advisor offices are also located at Skiles.

Centers and Labs

Skiles houses different spaces for students to visit, such as the CoLab, the SciFi Lab, and more.



G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC)

Communication Center

The Communication Center aids student-clients from the Georgia Tech community with communication skills and projects related to their classes, careers, and civic and community lives.

Labs, Rooms, and Seats

The facility boasts 41 classrooms, two 300-seat plus auditoria, day-lit common areas with more than 2,100 seats, and modern science labs.




Technology Square Research Building (TSRB)


Digital Media

The TSRB houses the Digital Media faculty and graduate students. The TSRB is the Southeast’s premier facility for next-generation communications research. More on our degree programs: M.S. Digital Media and Ph.D Digital Media.

Conference Facilities

The building’s conference facilities – including a 93-seat auditorium,  two banquet rooms, and two small conference rooms — are used to facilitate and showcase work.



Stephen C. Hall Building

Writing and Communication Program (WCP)

The program provides core curriculum courses, advanced communication courses, professional development for faculty and staff, and continued support for Georgia Tech alums.

Offices, classroom, and meeting spaces are located here.

Stephen c. hall building



DramaTech/Ferst Center for the Arts

Ferst Center


DramaTech offers a thriving theatrical laboratory environment that enriches the greater Atlanta community through innovative and diverse live performances.  Each season, DramaTech offers a full season of plays, musicals as well as a variety show.

Ferst Center for the Arts

The Ferst Center for the Arts serves as a showcase for the presentation of concerts, lectures, dance, film, and theater.