Transfer Pathways

If you are interested in transferring to Georgia Tech to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, & Communication, here’s some helpful information to consider:

  • When transferring from a school within the University System of Georgia, your core curriculum areas with humanities, lab sciences, and social sciences will likely transfer to Georgia Tech.
  • Confirm the transfer equivalencies of classes at your current university and what they will count for at Georgia Tech by using the Transfer Equivalency Tables
  • If you had AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit from high school, you will need to send those scores/transcripts to Georgia Tech in addition to your current college transcripts. For example, even if your AP scores are listed on your current college transcript, you must also submit your official AP scores through the Collegeboard website to Georgia Tech in order to receive credit.
  • Completing core requirements like humanities, lab sciences, and social sciences with direct equivalents of Georgia Tech core curriculum classes will help ease your transfer process. You may also consider taking classes that relate to Literature, Media, and Communication at your current university, including subject areas like art, film, communication, media, literature, and theater.
  • Confirm potential transfer equivalencies to LMC classes at Georgia Tech using the Transfer Equivalency Tables. If a class you are taking at your current school does not have a transfer equivalent in the tables, there is a review process for potential credit with more information at Georgia Tech’s Transfer Credit Evaluation Site.

Transfer Pathway Programs

Georgia Tech offers a variety of transfer pathways to eligible students, including the Arts & Sciences Pathway Program, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Pathway Program, and the Conditional Transfer Pathway Program. For more information about transfer pathway programs at Georgia Tech, please visit the Georgia Tech admissions website.