Arts @ LMC Overview

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication supports a variety of creative and cultural programs to enrich, expand, and enhance the cultural climate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the community through the ongoing presentation of intellectually and aesthetically challenging programs.


Creative. Career. Origination. The CoLab serves students in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication by supporting, educating, and amplifying the creative work of our students. A three-room suite, the CoLab consists of an art gallery, a career advisement and portfolio review office, and a working digital art studio. In CoLab Studio students may expand their skills on our state-of-the-art technology, check out equipment to expand their portfolios (such as drawing tablets), work privately or in groups, or simply decompress and make origami or paint with watercolors. CoLab interns work on real world client projects with guidance from the Creative Director to make deliverables for our campus partners and affiliates.  

DramaTech Theatre

DramaTech, Atlanta's oldest theatre company, uncovers and nourishes the creative talents of Georgia Tech's future engineers, managers, architects, scientists, and leaders talents that might otherwise go undeveloped in the world of calculators, computers, designs, and formulas. Each season, DramaTech Theatre produces high-quality plays, musicals, variety shows and improvisation performances that cover the spectrum of theatrical history.

Literary Arts

Literary Arts plays one of the most unique, integral, and culturally urgent roles in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, functioning as the cohesive glue that brings the arts together through the lens of critical and intellectual inquiry, and through historically grounded creative practices that offer the indispensable “so-what?” to the “how-to” of our unit’s other arts programs.


LMCFilms (formally the LMC Video Lab) is a tremendous resource to the entire Georgia Tech community, as it offers full audio/video technical support to any undergraduate or graduate student taking a course across the LMC curriculum. Students are encouraged to visit LMCFilms to reserve video equipment, editing bays, and/or green screen space for class video projects.  It is located on Tech’s campus in Skiles Classroom Building (3rd Floor) room 355.  

Media Arts

Media Arts is a multidisciplinary area of scholarship intended to foster experimental creative practices in the visual, literary, and performing arts, which can influence future relationships between technology and culture.


As an integral part of the Arts @ TECH movement at Georgia Tech, Poetry @ Tech is the place for all things poetry on campus and beyond. 


Faculty and students in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication have long been pioneers in science fiction studies. Literature professor Irving “Bud” Foote taught one of the first accredited college-level classes on this subject at Tech in 1971. Today, LMC is home to a number of scholars who research, teach and create science fiction. LMC faculty members are bound together by the belief that science fiction is the premiere story form of technoscientific modernity. Accordingly, they partner with LMC students and other interested members of the Georgia Tech and greater Atlanta communities on initiatives including science fiction symposia, research groups, and original radio and film productions. Many of these initiatives are grounded in the Georgia Tech Science Fiction Collection, which contains over 12,000 science fiction related items and has been written up in Science Fiction Studies as one of the top twenty collections of its kind in the world. For more information about how to get involved, see the SciFi@Tech website or contact Professor Lisa Yaszek at