Computational Media Degree Academic Advising

Wes Kirkbride


Wes Kirkbride, M.Ed. advises students in the Computational Media program. He handles all questions related to the academic program, registration, and overall student well-being. Wes received his undergraduate degree in Psychology, and his master's degree in Guidance and Counseling, both from the University of West Georgia.

Academic Advising


Please consult the Institute Forms for a list of common forms and links to their PDF versions.

Graduating Seniors

OAG (Online Application for Graduation) Deadlines:

Fall 2020 – closed

Spring 2021 – January 15, 2021

More information on the OAG


Why doesn’t my degreeworks match my major checklist?

Each individual student’s Degreeworks is dependent on the catalog year for your major; based on the semester that you matriculated to your bachelor’s program. Degreeworks is the platform used to review and confirm your degree status. If you have questions or concerns about your degreeworks, please reach out to your advisor.

Why isn’t my minor showing up on degreeworks?

If you are pursuing a minor but have not officially declared it, you will want to complete the change of minor form prior to submitting the OAG. To officially declare a minor, you must meet with your current academic advisor, and the academic advisor of your desired minor.

Internship & Career Advising

LMC has its very own career advisor, Jillann Hertel, who assists students with career guidance and support. Visit Jillann's profile to learn more, and schedule a one-on-one counseling session.

She also assists with registering relevant internships for LMC elective credits.

Academic Standing

Academic Standing is based on both the term grade point average and the overall average of the student. The minimum term and overall grade point averages for a student to be designated as having good standing are listed as these requirements. If these requirements are not fulfilled, you may end up on Warning, Probation, Review, or Drop/Dismissal.

For more information, contact the Registrar's office.

Academic advising is required for all LMC majors on Probation.

Grade Substitution Policy

Students may repeat a course for grade substitution up to two times. Effective Summer Term, 2019.

For more information or to download the form, please review Georgia Tech's Grade Substitution Policy.


New Freshmen

At FASET (Georgia Tech’s new student orientation program), students can expect to meet with their academic advisor to review any AP/IB/dual enrollment credit and to create a schedule for fall semester. 

New Transfers

Students transferring from another university into the LMC major can expect to meet with their academic advisor to review all previously completed credit, to create a schedule for fall semester, and discuss an approximate date of degree completion. 

Read more about how to register for FASET or for FASET FAQs.

Other Campus Resources

  • Financial aid — Visit for more information regarding tuition and scholarships (HOPE, ZELL, etc)
  • Admissions — Visit for more information regarding admission requirements, academic resources, campus visits, and more
  • Registrar — Visit for more information regarding transcripts, enrollment verification, academic calendars, and more
  • Center for Mental Health Care & Resources — Visit for more information regarding mental health support and assistance
  • Center for Academic Success — Visit for more information regarding tutoring, coaching, and other programs designed for student success