Bachelor of Science in Computational Media


The Bachelor of Science in Computational Media (B.S. CM) was developed in recognition of computing’s significant role in communication and expression and is a joint offering between the College of Computing, the School of Literature, Media, and Communication within the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, and the School of Music within the College of Design. These three distinct units offer CM majors a thorough education in understanding the computer as an expressive medium, and in creating interactive media not only with commercial software packages but also by writing code.

CM majors work as interns in the design and development of video games, animation, special effects, and user interfaces. Most CM alumni have gone on to work for major video game studios and interactive media firms. Some are now pursuing graduate degrees in digital media, human-computer interaction, and even film studies.

The B.S. CM curriculum gives students a grasp of the computer as a medium: the technical, the historical-critical, and the applied. Students gain significant hands-on and theoretical knowledge of computing, as well as an understanding of visual design and the history of media. Our graduates are uniquely positioned to plan, create, and critique new digital media forms for entertainment, education, and business.

CM is mainly composed of Literature, Media, and Communication courses, Music Technology courses, and Computer Science courses. Explore course descriptions for LMC, MT, and CS courses via Oscar Registration.

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