Alumni Profiles

B.S. Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC)

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Brian Robins

Brian credits his success as an Account Manager for Facebook to three staples of LMC - community, growth, and impact. He speaks with clients to help them understand the opportunities and challenges of digital advertising and how to use Facebook as a growing channel of communication.

Dhanusha Subramani

Dhanusha currently attends The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Science. She is also a member of the Medical Humanities scholarly concentration. It allows her to apply the integration of science and culture perspectives she gained through her LMC degree to how she views and interacts with her future patients and healthcare professionals.

Jack Mcree

Jack is an Integrated Producer & Content Creator with a passion for bringing captivating stories to life through video, photography, and social media. He currently works at Walt Disney’s Yellow Shoes. Jack produces all advertising content for Disney Destinations around the world including tv commercials, web promos, special episodes of tv shows and more.

Sarah Mallory

It was the willingness to explore different fields and disciplines that the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts instilled in her, that helped set Mallory on her current path: she’s working on a Ph.D. in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard, showing that the range of possibilities with an IAC degree is almost limitless.

Read about her unique journey through the art world.


B.S. Computational Media (CM)

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Priscilla Pun

Priscilla enjoys working in an environment that promotes creativity and reinvents technology and design. Priscilla currently works as an Interaction Designer at Google on the Front-End team. She enjoys design, coding, and digital art and has had User Experience internships at IBM and Google.

Sorabh Gupta

Sorabh is the co-owner of a TV & Film Production company called Six Arms. Indiapendent is a half-hour dramedy show that he wrote and produced. It's set in Duluth, Georgia; a suburb where families can provide perfect childhoods, where high school sweethearts can actually make it to marriage. He has also been writing a feature-length movie, 2 short films, a book, and a music album.

Charleston Ford

Charleston is the lead artist at Mop Boy Studios, an indie game company he started with two fellow CM friends during his time at Georgia Tech. Charleston is skilled in the Unity game engine and uses it to implement the games he creates. Outside of Mop Boy Studios, Charleston is a Junior Software Engineer at Foundry45, a VR training company based here in Atlanta.

Kathleen Tynan

Kathleen is a software engineer at Mailchimp in Atlanta, GA. She currently works on the Mailchimp web app, specifically on improving their billing experience. As an engineer, she gets to take a project’s vision and make it come to life. She values the impact she makes on a user’s experience and feels amazing to know millions of people interact with work she’s done.


M.S. Global, Media, and Cultures (GMC)

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Oriana Indira Valencia

Oriana is an educator that combines languages and media. In her work, she focuses on sharing cultural narratives in digital formats through geolocated stories, animation shorts and documentaries. Her goal is for future generations to learn an alternate history through minority voices.

Nathania Nah

Nathania is a research student in the Integrated Doctoral Program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology studying artificial intelligence and a recipient of the Japanese government's MEXT scholarship. Her research involves pattern recognition in human behavior and its practical applications.

Maria Rodriguez

Daniela Rodriguez is a filmmaker and scholar who recently finished their first Colombia-based documentary "Pan de Cada Dia." They plan to continue using art, media and design as tools for healing, pedagogy, and storytelling.


M.S. Digital Media (DM)

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Sarah Cooper

From UX Designer to Comedian. “I feel like there’s a lot to be said for paying attention to what you’re doodling in the margins and to what you’re currently doing when you should be pursuing something else. My advice would be to just watch where your mind gravitates towards, because the things that come naturally for you are going to be the things that you are going to have the most fun doing.”  

Read about her journey to comedy.

Ashley Jennings

As a Media and Art Pipeline Developer at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), Ashley’s involved in the development of digital pipeline tools for future attractions and experiences in Walt Disney’s parks and resorts. Most of her daily responsibilities involve gathering digital assets to build a previsualization of the attraction.

Read about her Digital Media experience.

Daniel Fuller

Daniel is a Producer at Adult Swim Games in Atlanta, Ga. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a M.S. in Digital Media. He is skilled at game design and game development. Daniel has previous experiences as a software engineer and game level designer.


Ph.D. Digital Media (DM) 

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Nettrice Gaskins

Nettrice is an African American digital artist, academic, cultural critic and advocate of STEAM fields. In her work she explores "techno-vernacular creativity" and Afrofuturism. Currently, Dr. Gaskins is the Assistant Director of the Lesley STEAM Learning Lab at Lesley University.

Jichen Zhu

Jichen is Associate Professor and PhD Program Director of Digital Media at Drexel University. Her research lab PXL focuses on human AI interaction and how to design personalized technology (e.g. computer games) to improve learning and well-being. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Ozge Samanci

Ozge Samanci, media artist and graphic novelist, is an Associate Professor in Northwestern University’s School of Communication. Her autobiographical graphic novel Dare to Disappoint received international press attention and was positively reviewed in The New York Times, The Guardian, Slate along with many other media outlets.

Read her graphic novel interview.