The Everyday Creative (Card Deck)


Adrianna Gomez (water), Emily Piper (fire), Victoria Vuicich (earth), Nicole Caiaiti (wind)


LMC 4813: Creative Portfolio (Senior Capstone)


Jillann Hertel

About the Project

Students were asked to design a deck of cards working as a design team to develop a style guide and their own contributions (2 cards per person) under a unified theme. They chose to make the cards correlate with the elements visually, implying that well-being is an elemental need in order for creatives to thrive. Each designer focused on a block/need and a suggestion or action item for the creative to undertake to get unstuck.

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Blurb / Gallery Set


by Victoria Vuicich


by Nicole Caiaiti


by Emily Piper


by Adrianna Gomez