Com(e)Fort(h): A Feminist Futurist Atelier


Trinh Bui


LMC 4000: Senior Seminar


Lisa Yaszek

The Interior of “com(e)fort(h)” continuesthe art-deco style. oNE CAN DESCribe thisstore as a high-end but approachable shop and is heavily symmetrical

About the Project

This project is a visual representation of the fashion ideals put forth by pioneering feminist and utopian fiction author Charlotte Perkins Gilman in her landmark 1915 sociological treatise, The Dress of Women: A Critical Introduction to the Symbolism and Sociology of Clothing. In that work, Gilman argues that society requires women to dress in uncomfortable and impractical clothing in the name of outdated notions of femininity and romantic ideas about women's work in the home, rather than allowing them to dress for the practical realities of everyday life, as men do. She then proposes a future where all women have the opportunity to take fashion matters into their own hands in the feminist fashion atelier, where women from all walks of life, regardless of finances, can study the history of clothing and, with or without the help of professionals, design their own beautiful and comfortable custom-made outfits in luxurious surroundings. 

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