“Course Delivery and Contingency during COVID-19.”

Title: “Course Delivery and Contingency during COVID-19.”
Format: Internet Publication
Publication Date: September 2020
Published In: TECHStyle
Publisher Writing & Communication Program, Georgia Tech

We wrote this article before the fall 2020 semester to show the disparity between non-tenure-track faculty and tenure-track faculty in our school at Georgia Tech. In addition, we hoped the method we outline below would be one other faculty could use to see how their schools allocate risk. Despite the timeliness of the article, multiple enquiries to publishers received no or delayed responses. Nevertheless, we believe the article still is relevant to teaching during this pandemic, as well as the coming winter/spring. The version we present here—which should have been published around August 1st—is unchanged in order to show what we were worried about then and how these concerns remain un-addressed.     

In the COVID-19 era, who gets to teach safely at a distance?

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