Space and Time in Graphic Novels


Cassie Baker, Grace Dwyer, Emmett Halloran, Lexi Mellott, and Karina Teichert


LMC 4000: Senior Seminar


Nihad Farooq

Woman's face, space and numerology

About Project

Where do we go when we read? Do we remain staunchly anchored to the present, or do we travel to an immersive place that transcends time and space, accessible only through story? Or does a spectrum exist between the two; one that we might find ourselves shifting among as we ease in and out of reality, in and out of a story? Graphic novels, as a queer medium, challenge readers to expand their experience of time and space by interpreting both as social constructs or theoretical frameworks rather than as fixed realities. That is to say, graphic novels shatter conventional understandings of time and space in order to transport readers to unique whens and wheres that other genres simply cannot access.