Privacy Helper


Designer: Sungeun (Harry) Bae, (B.S. CM)

Support Team: Selena Do (B.S. CM), Sarah Engel, Bontu Gelan, and Nethra Rammohan (B.S. LMC)


Faculty: Jillann Hertel

Class: LMC 3813 Special Topics, in collaboration with CoLab

Privacy Helper Website

About Project

Recent social media controversies have shed light on company privacy issues. In this age of algorithmic polarization, how can you ensure your information is private and protected? Learn how to better protect yourself online with our Privacy Helper Project website.

CoLab Director and LMC Faculty member Jillann Hertel described the ideas behind the project, "I frequently think about how our School teaches and develops media ambassadors, makers, and leaders combined with how little we (humans in general) invest in understanding the external platforms where we freely give away our data. I began with the premise that most people won't give up, say Instagram, but I wondered: if privacy disclosures were less, a lengthy scroll of tiny text, and rather more visual and bite-sized in nature; perhaps we (as media makers, humanists, and scholars) could help others to better protect themselves online and understand a bit more about the mechanisms at work. Bringing together students from both of our undergraduate programs for a multi-pronged design and product, which the exceptional Harry Bae created, we bring you the Privacy Helper Project. The rest of our student team assisted with research, testing, communication, outreach, copy writing, and the surveying of peers.

Privacy Helper