Yanni Loukissas

Associate Professor

Member Of:
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication
  • Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center
Office Location: TSRB 318A
Office Hours: by appointment


Personal Pronouns:

Yanni Loukissas is an Associate Professor of Digital Media in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech. His research is focused on helping creative professionals think critically about the social implications of emerging technologies. His forthcoming book, All Data Are Local: Thinking Critically in a Data-Driven Society (MIT Press, 2019), is addressed to a growing audience of practitioners who want to work with unfamiliar sources both effectively and ethically. He is also the author of Co-Designers: Cultures of Computer Simulation in Architecture (Routledge, 2012) and a contributor to Simulation and its Discontents (MIT Press, 2009). Before coming to Georgia Tech, he was a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he co-coordinated the Program in Art, Design and the Public Domain. He was also a principal at metaLAB, a research project of the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society. He has taught at Cornell, MIT, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Originally trained as an architect at Cornell, he subsequently attended MIT, where he received a Master of Science and a PhD in Design and Computation. He also completed postdoctoral work at the MIT Program in Science, Technology and Society. Website:  http://loukissas.lmc.gatech.edu/

  • PhD, Design and Computation
  • MS, Design and Computation
  • Bachelor of Architecture


Research Fields:
  • Digital Media
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Aesthetics and Technology
  • Digital and Mixed Media
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Infrastructure
  • Science and Technology


  • LMC-2400: Intro to Media Studies
  • LMC-2700: Intr-Computational Media
  • LMC-3308: Environment Ecocritic
  • LMC-3705: Prin Information Design
  • LMC-6311: Visual Culture and Desi
  • LMC-6312: Dsgn Tech & Representati
  • LMC-6399: Discovery & Invention
  • LMC-6650: Project Studio
  • LMC-6800: DM MS Project Course

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