Featured Student: Kelsey Sheridan

Kelsey Sheridan


Hi I'm Kelsey Sheridan! I'm a 4th year LMC major at Tech and graduating this spring! I have been doodling on the margins of my homework or smearing paint over any surface since I can remember, so when I realized I could translate my love for creating art into a digital format with LMC, I knew this was the space for me. Being surrounded by similar creative minds in this community who apply their passions in so many different artistic pursuits is so inspiring, and it has pushed me to dive deeper into honing my own technical skills and pursuing what fulfills me. I love creating bright, colorful, happy art, whether it's acrylic rainbows on a piece of cardboard or watercolor cards for my friends, or more recently, digital illustrations or portraits. This community has encouraged me to never stop creating, and I don't think I ever will.

Personal Projects

Blurb / Gallery Set

Happy Last 1st Day Cake

Ry's Tattoo

Kate Cool



Class Project: Splash of Citrus

Blurb / Gallery Set


Mark Leibert - LMC 3402

About Project

The goal of this project was to take an organic object, break it down to its most basic, representational design, and then incorporate our own paint texture and colors to bring it to life. I'm drawn to bright, warm colors, so naturally, I went for an orange!

Finished Project