Featured Student: Emily Schroeder

Emily Schroeder


I’m Emily Schroeder (first year CM). I chose CM because I have passions in both the liberal arts and STEM and I couldn’t just pick one over the other. While coding is important, my LMC classes teach me to think about the world differently and allow me to express my creativity in a way that CS alone wouldn’t satisfy. In such a technologically and machine-focused world, I like how LMC teaches you to be a better human being.

Personal Project: Collages

Art Medium

I do collages! So far I’ve only used cut-outs from magazines and newspapers but I’m interested in exploring making digital or multi-media collages.

About Project

This piece originally started out as a motivational mood board for things that I’m interested in (journalism and film for example) but it evolved into images and quotes that make me feel inspired by women everywhere and how powerful it is when women love and uplift each other.

project image