Featured Student: Abigail Clark

Abigail Clark


Hello! I am Abigail Clark, and I'm a third year LMC major. I have always loved being creative, painting and drawing; however, it wasn't until I attended Georgia Tech that I realised my passion could also be my career. As an LMC student, I am constantly growing and pushing myself to design, innovate, and create. I am constantly amazed by the amount of creative people at Tech and am honored to count myself as one of them. Some of my passions include designing and creating characters, branding, and animations. Within that, I especially love working with characters of all shapes and sizes and hope to portray that in my work, as well as creating branding for companies and events.


Personal Project: Character Designs

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Character Design 1

Character Design 2

Character Design 3

Character Design 4

Character Design 5

Class Project: Goat on the Rock Branding

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Mark Leibert - LMC 3402

About Project

I created the branding, marketing material, and business standpoint behind Goat on the Rock Coffee Company. This fictional coffee company has my own personal touch as a designer and holds many of my values, such as sustainability and emphasis on small businesses. Design work I did included the logo, style guide, and brand imagery! I loved this project because it gave me an opportunity to focus on a subject I absolutely love- coffee!

Finished Product

Client Project: Women's Leadership Conference

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Logo Design


Georgia Tech's Women's Leadership Conference

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