Dréa Lewis

Dréa Lewis is the owner of Dream of Dréa, an Atlanta-based film production company. She also co-owns Génesic Health and Nonprofit, a family business providing in-home care services for older adults and people with disabilities. 

1. Why are you passionate about this work?

Dream of Dréa is a multifaceted production company and artist engagement firm. It was formed with the multi-hyphenate actor-writer-directors in mind as a safe space to be empowered while navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of an arts and entertainment career. I love the storytelling process as much as the end result of presenting a story to an audience. It is my intention to engage with artists who feel the same way.

Genèsic Health provides personal care home services for older adults and persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It is my family's business, in which I am a co-owner. It was created because we were tired of the sub-par treatment our family members received from another provider, and we believed our company could serve better. We have proven that we do. I particularly love serving our patients through events Genèsic Nonprofit creates for the community. Between these three entities, I get to love on people and be loved on, too.

2. What was the most challenging aspect of starting a business, and how did you overcome it?

Understanding the problems of those who need help and streamlining a way to serve artists have been my biggest challenges for Dream of Dréa. I have hired a business coach, and I'm a part of a cohort that helps me create a plan that teaches me how to overcome my challenges.

Hiring the right care team members is an ongoing challenge for Genèsic Health. Going to health career fairs and connecting to health training programs allow us to get to know those desiring to work in the caring space.

3. How does your company use technology?

I am heavily dependent on using tech tools for automation for both companies. For Dream of Dréa, I incorporate a variety of technologies into storytelling and production. Through the use of particular cameras, sound recording, editing software, etc., I can arrive at a poignant story to deliver to an audience.

For Genèsic Health, I am very cognizant of how healthcare technology can impact patient experiences. From taking a patient's blood pressure to customizing meals through well-designed software, the needs of each patient are well tended to.

4. How did your IAC degree help you succeed?

A Science, Technology, and Culture degree has equipped me with a unique skill set. It empowers me to navigate rapidly evolving technologies, understand diverse cultural contexts, and contribute meaningfully to the ethical and creative dimensions of both entertainment and healthcare.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs at Ivan Allen College?

Seek to find the sweet spot of doing what you're gifted at, what you love doing, what helps people, and what pays you well. As a believer of Christ, pray and trust God. 

Dréa Lewis graduated with a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture (now Literature, Media, and Communication) in 2004. See more profiles of our alumni founders!

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B.S. Science, Technology, and Culture (now Literature, Media, and Communication)
Job Title / Employer
Owner, Dream of Dréa, CFO and Co-owner, Genèsic Health and Nonprofit