Division of Labor – Team Squog

Posted by Courtney Smith on Thursday Apr 22, 2010 Under Final Design Documentaion, Game Design

Hal Helms

  • Tether mechanic
  • Wall climbing code
  • Ledge climbing code
  • Clinging to ground
  • Camera movement
  • Interactable objects (Collectables, Doors, Map Stations, and Signs)
  • Loading of different maps (e.g. transition from to tutorial level to level select, then from level select to each exhibit)
  • Title screen (we may change it later though)
  • Cutscenes (time permitting)

Cary Chichester

  • implemented wall climbing and wall jumping
  • implemented player’s lives
  • created tutorial level, designed Egyptian level
  • implemented story prologue

Matthew Remmele

  • Programmed initial platforming elements using Flixel library
  • Added Heads Up Display for keeping Score
  • Made demo map for first presentation
  • Modified code according to initial playtest results (Made players auto-cling to walls, players don’t spawn on top of each other)
  • Added the newer, differently colored sprite assets into the code.
  • Added functionality for loading a background image and displaying it behind tiles
  • Continuously updated the game’s tile set to match the newer art
  • Created the dinosaur level based on Mikhail’s sketches
  • Modified Dinosaur map background image to be more transparent
  • Facilitated presentations using my computer

Mikhail Lovell

  • sound effects
  • background music
  • dinosaur level design
  • painting level design
  • gathering some background images
  • making some tiles

Courtney Smith

  • all graphics, sprites and animations except for the map, air vents and tiles and backgrounds contributed by Mikhail
  • powerpoint and documentation creations

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