Georgia Tech | Literature, Media, and Communication

Humanistic Perspectives
on a Technological World


English 1101 teaches students communication and critical thinking skills that will prepare them to succeed academically at Georgia Tech and professionally in the work place. Building English 1101 courses around literature, film, science, technology, and pop culture, instructors provide students with exciting, intellectually engaging opportunities for learning.

Previous themes for English 1101 courses include "The Contested City: Arguments in the Built Environment," "Media Culture and Technologies of Participation," "Writing Multimedia in the Digital Age," "Media Resistance, Technology, and Culture," "Playing the Fame Game: Media and the Making of Celebrity Culture," and "Communication, Technology, and the Body." Students who completed courses with these themes explored contemporary topics while developing competence in multimodal communication.

While writing is a primary focus of English 1101, the course imagines written communication as part of a larger WOVEN framework that also includes oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal communication. Working with teachers trained in digital pedagogy, students complete assignments in a wide variety of media, developing, for example, web sites, blogs, videos, PowerPoints, and podcasts, as well as more traditional written forms such as essays and reports. English 1101 introduces students to the complexities and challenges of writing to audiences in contexts where the written word interacts closely with visual and oral elements.

In English 1101, students can expect to work collaboratively in a wired environment that may involve forums and networked computers as well as laptops. Instructors of 1101 often create virtual spaces for assignments, believing that students` facility in virtual worlds prepares them for technology-driven communication. Students` collaboration may take a variety of forms, from group/team projects to peer review. Students can expect to create a multimedia presentation for at least one assignment.