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Follow the links below to access materials that can help you prepare for the Regents' Exam. All materials listed are used in the Regents' Test Prep. course RGTR 1098/RGTE 1099.

Students who wish to prepare with additional materials can also purchase the following texts at Engineer's Bookstore and the Georgia Tech Barnes & Noble:

  1. Successful Regents' Essays: A Sourcebook for Writers by Mary R. Lamb and Marti Singer
  2. Mastery of Regents' Reading Exams by Linda L. Arthur


For the essay section of the exam, each student will be given four general-knowledge topics and will be asked to write an essay about one of those topics.

Essay Instructions and a Sample Essay Booklet

Essay Rating Instructions and Sample Rated Essays

The Complete List of Approved Essay Topics

Analyzing/Interpreting the Essay Topics

Developing a Thesis Statement

Organizing Your Essay

Writing the Introduction, Part I

Writing the Introduction, Part II

Developing Body Paragraphs

Writing the Conclusion


The reading comprehension section of the Regents' Exam consists of 54 multiple-choice questions, divided into 5-8 questions on each of 9 short reading passages ranging from 175 to 325 words in length. The passages are drawn from a variety of sources including college textbooks, popular magazines, encyclopedia entries, and short fiction. The test is multiple choice, and scan sheets are used. The questions assess four reading skill sets:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Literal Comprehension
  3. Inferential Comprehension
  4. Analysis.

Regents' Reading Test Description and Overview

Short Practice Reading Test

Practice Reading Test with Instructional Feedback & Item Analysis for Same Test


Additional Information and Resources:

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Georgia State University: Regents' Exam Program General Info    

Georgia Tech Registrar's Office: Frequently Asked Questions


Please direct any other questions regarding the Regents' Exam or RGTR 1098/RGTE 1099 to

Dr. Scott Banville or Dr. Shannon Dobranski.

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