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     Georgia State University: Regents' Exam Program General Info

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RGTR 1098 / RGTE 1099


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Please direct any questions regarding RGTR 1098, RGTE 1099, or the Regents' Exam to

Dr. Scott Banville or Dr. Shannon Dobranski.

What is the Regents' Testing Program?

To establish eligibility for an undergraduate degree, every student in the University System of Georgia must pass the Regents' Test, a two-part examination designed to measure proficiency in reading and English composition. Students are invited to take this exam when they have earned ten hours of course credit. If a student fails to pass the Regents' Test, he or she must repeat the test until a passing grade has been achieved.


Any student accumulating 45 semester hours of course credit toward a degree without passing one or both portions of the Regents' Test must take the Regents' Test Preparation course along with other credit course work.

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